Welcome to the organisation driving an end to silo culture in education, work and society. 

We promote a fluid culture where you can learn, collaborate and contribute freely across multiple fields. 

Born precisely on the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, the DaVinci Network is a global movement designed to explore, optimise and promote many-sided human potential at the individual, organisational and societal levels. 


The world of disciplinary silos is over. The DaVinci Network aims to catalyse a cultural paradigm shift, away from hyper-specialisation and ‘silo culture’, towards the encouragement of connection-making between different fields, disciplines and cultures. We do this through publications, research, events, digital content, consulting, training and media contributions. 

"The DaVinci Network really does uphold the sort of ideas and values that we need very badly right now." 


Gillian Tett 

Chair of the Editorial Board (US), Financial Times 

Author, The Silo Effect

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The Polymath is an exceptionally versatile human who excels in multiple, seemingly unrelated fields. Over history and across the world this fascinating breed has rejected ‘specialisation’ and shown us a more complete way of thinking and being. In doing so, they have shaped our past and will own the future. This seminal book shows how.



The world’s first ideas festival designed to celebrate many-sided human potential and explore interdisciplinary approaches to complex world challenges. 



The DaVinci Network leverages the art and science of multi-disciplinary thinking to generate unique insights and creative solutions for corporate, educational and cultural projects worldwide. Learn more about how you and your organisation can benefit.



Waqas is founder of the DaVinci Network and author of the internationally acclaimed book The Polymath (Wiley 2019). A global authority on multi-disciplinary thinking, his work spans the fields of visual art, neuroscience, international affairs, intercultural education, health and fitness and world history.