Born precisely on the 500th death anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, the DaVinci Network is a global movement designed to explore, optimise and promote many-sided human potential at the individual, organisational and societal levels. This is done through initiatives related to media production, corporate transformation, educational curricula scientific research, government policy and social enterprise.


After five years, 10,000 hours of research and interviews with world-leading experts, Waqas’ internationally acclaimed book The Polymath was published by Wiley and launched at the National Gallery in London. The book demonstrated that human potential, being naturally multifarious, is constrained by ‘specialisation’ in academia and the workplace. It discovered that most influential people in world history were in fact polymaths – multidimensional, interdisciplinary thinkers who moved seamlessly across silos and synthesised seemingly different ‘fields’ to make the major creative breakthroughs that have shaped our world. Leonardo da Vinci is a classic example, but there are countless others across time and place.


The study concluded that being naturally multifaceted, humans do not reach optimality and self-actualisation until many, if not all, of their facets are allowed to flourish.

The DaVinci Network curated and produced the Opening Celebration of the 500th Anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci at the National Gallery in London

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“Increasingly, the solutions to problems are found at the intersection of multiple fields… experts in highly specialised fields can be part of a team, but the team leader needs to bridge multiple fields.”

Ray Kurzweil

“People who engage themselves seriously with a number of diverse fields are often capable of deeper overviews of important and complex situations.”

Douglas Hofstadter

“It’s extremely important for people not to be restricted to a very narrow craft or concern – whether it’s carpentry or quantum physics. People should be involved in matters of concern to others and to society.”

Noam Chomsky

“In professional fields where problem-solving, learning and inventiveness are crucial, being broad in both interests and knowledge is useful”

Nathan Myhrvold

“Polymaths are of increasing value in the twenty-first century because the big problems of the world are not going to be solved by someone coming from a single-disciplinary perspective.”

Daniel Levitin

“Polymaths are uniquely suited to potentially serve critical roles as problem solvers; to provide creative breakthroughs that are very uncommon yet are much needed to mould a better future for people.”

Tim FerrisS

“In order to keep up with the world of 2050, you will need not merely to invent new ideas and products – you will above all need to reinvent yourself again and again.”

Yuval Noah Harari

“Our working identity is not a hidden treasure, waiting to be discovered at the very core of our being – rather it is made up of many possibilities… we are many selves.”

Herminia Ibarra

“A lot of the world-class entrepreneurs… they’re not specialists, they’re something close to polymaths.”

Peter Theil

“The polymath renders a service that is absolutely essential for the survival of a civilisation in the long-term.”

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

“We need more polymaths. We need more thinkers whose curiosity wanders across disciplines.”

AJ Jacobs

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