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WaQas' artwork falls under the following themes



Experience enhances the intellect, and vice versa. Yet these days the ‘thinker’ and the ‘doer’ are separated – it is assumed that leaders don’t have the time to muse and intellectuals don’t have the pragmatism of the leader. Through a series of oil paintings by Waqas, this forthcoming exhibit explores this thinker-doer dichotomy, ultimately exposing it as false.





The timeless human pursuit of divine connection has led variously to inspiration, ecstasy and even precariousness. In this forthcoming exhibit, Waqas explores the various manifestations of man’s quest for transcendence beyond the material reality through a series of chalk sketches.




Is extremism warranted, or even permissible, when in pursuit of fundamental human rights such as freedom from oppression? Through a series of chalk and pastel portraits, Waqas explores the conviction expressed by those activists who were either ostracised or ultimately killed for their radical approach to social justice. 





A highly Eurocentric approach to history has meant that until now, the story of human thought and creativity has typically been confined to the Antiquity, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. Through a series of chalk and pastel portraits, Waqās’ forthcoming exhibit pays homage to a variety of influential. lesser-known polymaths from non-Western history.

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